Australian Traveller Review: Rated 4/5 Boogie Woogie Beach House

Quite literally, we've seen nothing quite like this in Australia...

WRITTEN BY Dan Down • July 18, 2016

"...Verdict: A perfect pit-stop or weekend getaway for a night or two to unwind, hit the beach, and enjoy top acts performing. The bespoke rooms give the place real character.

Score: 4/5

We rated: The Flow Bar dining and drinking space is the Holy Grail of excellent service and fine food in a relaxed, beach-side setting. Oh, and some of the best up-and-coming artists in the country play here every
Friday night.

We’d change: There’s nothing we’d really change – we had a great time. But don’t come here looking to hit the sack at 8pm on a Friday night. It’s a place to have a few drinks and let your hair down. Old Bar is also a fairly sleepy town, so don’t expect an overabundance of cafes, bars or restaurants."

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